Review from customers

From a man who has back pain from working at home to one who sits in a good posture without having to force himself 


Dr. Karn, who uses the Enyware seat, says,“Ever since I started using this seat for about 3-4 weeks at work, my back pain has gradually improved. Before, I was sitting in my usual position, which had a flawed posture. But after using this seat, my posture has improved, my sitting position felt more comfortable and longer-lasting without having to put in any effort.”

Dr. Karn is a programmer in a private company who works 8 hours a day and usually finishes at 7:00 PM. These days, he’s working at his company through WFH which seems to be an ongoing arrangement as the company doesn’t seem to have plans for him working there in-office anytime soon. Working at home is a common cause of back pain. The chair he was using was bought from modern trade. Before buying the chair, he felt comfortable sitting on it. So he decided to get it.

But then he found that when he actually tried to sit and work for just one day, he felt pain in his back. He started to slouch more often, unknowingly. Dr. Karn feels if he buys another chair, he’s going to regret replacing this one with a new one, which is still in good condition. He’s also worried about being disappointed by it, and does not have time to go shopping again.

But after sitting with the Enyware seat. A seat that is used to adjust a person’s sitting position and can be used on any chair.

The results seen from day one 

“before sitting for 1-2 hours gave me back pain. However,I feel better now from having unbearable pain, to having a slight pain, even though I was sitting for the same amount of time. It might be the seat that alters our sitting position to be fixed to a better posture. There is a cushion against the back and the front shoulders, supporting them in an adequate position for a longer period without having to force yourself to stay in that position for hours. It appears to be better than my previous chair.

Now I’ve been using it every day. The back pain gradually improved and has started to slowly disappear. I used to feel uncomfortable sleeping at night with a backache. But after sitting on this chair consistently, my back pain has started to heal.”




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