5 Habits Fixed for You in Desk Work

To all office workers at work.

When we were in the process of creating this seat, we looked back to the main reason people have experienced back pain, and we came up with our best problem-solving product.

And those problems are, sitting with a poor posture for long periods of time, subconsciously slouching, leaning too far back into your chair, and shoulders rolling while typing.

We fixed all those things point to point, and with a seat that solves all your problems in one.

Here are those 5 problems, solved.

1. Sitting with poor posture.

Chairs don’t solve your backache, your posture does. You could find and use the best chair in the world, but your back pain would still recur, sooner or later. The best method is to sit accordingly to your body type. While the Enyware seat already sets your sitting position in a natural state, it is also comfortable and relaxing. Using the mechanism of pushing the lower back and shoulders, it supports you in this seated position without any strain.

2. Sitting for long periods of time.

Sitting consecutively for a long time and expecting your posture to be eventually fixed by your chair is not a good idea, especially for prolonged times of 8 hours or more. It is recommended to get up every hour to stretch and do shoulder exercises, allowing your body to relax a little. The Enyware seat comes with sensors that automatically measure your sitting duration by detecting your sitting angle, and then send a notification to your phone when the time is up.

3. Subconsciously slouching while sitting.

Say you bought a great chair, but now you’re dealing with a slouching problem because you’re super focused on the screen, and you forget to lean back to your chair again. The simple solution for this is to try to remember to keep your back straight with your shoulders against the cushion, unless you use the Enyware seat, which comes with two layers of protection from slouching. The first one is a piece that pushes you back when you’re slouched. And the second one is the sensors that keep track of your sitting angle and send a notification to your phone when you’re slouched for too long.

4. Leaning too far back into your chair.

As it says, leaning too far back into your chair can lead to sitting poorly and inadequately. Sometimes you might feel tired so you lean far back into your chair but doing so should be done correctly in order for your back to feel comfortable. When you sit on the Enyware seat, your back is guaranteed to stick against the chair at all times. Plus you’ll also be sitting with your back straight.

5. Shoulders rolling during typing sessions.

Though having your shoulders raised while typing due to a lack of support for your arms is harmful, stretching your arms to reach the keyboard is worse. It causes your shoulders to painfully roll. The method is to sit closer to the table, with the keyboard within reach. Make sure the angle is as close as 90 degrees. However, if your chair does not include arm support or has one without a height adjustment, the Enyware seat has a dynamic armrest that comes with it as well. You can adjust its height up to 9 cm, rotate it around to 120 degrees, and detach it. Making it easy for you to adjust it accordingly to your working desk and chair, as well as using your phone within your eye level.

Start changing your sitting habits now to notice changes or use The Enyware seat as a helping tool to make your life easier.

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