Good posture, No back pain. Check your sitting position by yourself in 3 easy steps!

Sit on sit bone 

“I’m pretty sure I’ve been sitting with my back straight… but why is it still hurting?”


Because sitting with your back straight can be difficult to keep track of, especially without a mirror. You’ll have to make sure not to bend your back too much, curving yourself forward, or too little, making you slump.


Before continuing further, check to see if you're sitting on a soft cushion. (You'll find out why) If you're reading this on mobile, set it on the table and empty both of your hands. 


Once that’s done, let's move on!

  1. Sit on your hands

Turn the palms of both hands under the buttocks, you'll feel the hard bones pressed down on your palms. Then, move your palms to a position where your index and middle fingers align with the hard bone. And congrats! You found your sitting bone, which is the key to helping you sit better.


  1. Find a natural straight-back position.

Don't move your hands just yet! Try to hunch over and lean forward. You'll notice that the pressure from the sitting bone moves along with your sitting angle. Try adjusting the angle of your back until you feel the force of the sitting bone spread evenly onto your index, middle, and ring finger. When done correctly, you’ll notice that you’re sitting with your back straight and relaxed with none of your muscles strained.


  1. Try memorizing positions without using your palms.

Recognize the feeling of the sitting bone pressed against the palm of your hand and remember it. This is to remind yourself to sit naturally upright every time you find yourself slumping. Once you’re finally used to doing so, not only will you have an elegant posture, you’re also finally free of any back pain you may have suffered from in the past!


Don't be upset if you find it a bit difficult to get used to it at first. Try to remind yourself as much as you can to check if your sitting bone is properly adjusted. Do it frequently, and your body will adapt to the new change.


"Practice makes perfect".


P.S. If you're use Enyware. it will keep you in a sitting position, like the one above you, without having to remember it every time.